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Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to answer all of your commonly asked questions in the FAQ but if you can’t find the information you’re looking for please Contact Us.

What is an AED?

An AED (Automated External Defibrillator) is a sophisticated, life saving device that can help save the life of someone experiencing a sudden cardiac arrest. They are easy to use and portable, with clear step-by-step instructions so anyone can use them.

When applied, an AED automatically checks the heart’s rhythm. If it recognises a life-threatening rhythm, the AED enables the user to deliver a shock to the heart which will allow it to return to beating normally. If a life-threatening rhythm is not detected, the AED will not permit a shock to be delivered.

We already have an AED/AEDs. Why should we fundraise for a new one/ones?

AEDs, like all medical equipment, need to be replaced over time. The life expectancy of an AED is between 8 and 10 years. If your AED is older than 8 years, you should consider replacing it. Old units can be returned to Heartsafety Solutions for recycling.

Even if you have a new model, you may wish to purchase additional AEDs to enhance the safety of your club. Ideally, there should be an AED within 90 seconds of the pitch, meaning it is no more than 3 minutes away in an emergency.

Can I recycle the AED I am replacing?

Yes, old devices can be sent to Heartsafety Solutions, D3 Airton Business Park, Airton Road, Dublin D24 PX72. Please mark the box clearly ‘FAI Recycling Return’.

What will be in our AED pack?

Your Lifepak® CR2 defibrillator comes with a 4-Year Battery, 4-Year electrode pads, user manual and a Response Kit which includes a CPR mask, Razor, Scissors, Gloves and Wipes.

Can we order additional AED items?

Yes. If your club does not already have one, you may want to order an indoor or outdoor cabinet or training for selected club members or coaches. Please contact Heartsafety Solutions on 01 4578719 or email

When will our AED arrive?

Depending on demand, please allow up to 6-8 weeks after you reach your fundraising target. You will receive a phone call or email 1 week beforehand to arrange delivery, so please ensure accurate contact details are provided.

What are we fundraising for?

The Mrs. Brown's Boys FAI Heart Care Programme allows organisations to fundraise for life-saving Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) and CPR/AED Training. The FAI programme allows clubs to fundraise for a new Lifepak® CR2 AED, which is connected to the internet via mobile phone network. This means the AED will check itself and notify a club member via email if there is an issue that needs to be addressed, such as the battery or pads need to be changed.

A tracker can be activated on the device which means its check-in location can be identified if it goes missing.

The fundraising target also covers the cost of an 8-Year cellular data plan, CPR/AED Training and  VAT.

Are we receiving a discount?

Yes. The Lifepak® CR2 AED package you will receive retails for €3,6455 inc VAT. Please email for further clarification.

Can we change my club’s fundraising total during the course of the campaign?

No. Each club can fundraise for 1 Lifepak® AED and training package and the FAI will cover 50% of the cost. Additional AEDs or training can be obtained at a discounted rate by emailing

When does fundraising close?

Fundraising will close on the 30th of June 2023.

Can we keep fundraising after the fundraising deadline?

If you need to continue to fundraise after the programme closes, please contact

What happens if we don't reach our fundraising target?

The target is very achievable within the timeframe. However, if a club has not reached the target, they can apply to have their fundraised amount refunded to the club. Requests should be emailed to

What happens to the extra funds raised through the program?

When the total fundraising target has been reached the Club's fundraising page will no longer accept donations and so no excess funds will be generated.

Can my club purchase an AED package without fundraising?

Yes, if your club wishes to purchase an AED package without fundraising please contact Heartsafety Solutions on 01 4578719 or

Does my donation attract transaction or merchant fees?

No, Stryker supports the Mrs. Brown's Boys FAI Heart Care Programme by paying all transaction and merchant fees associated with donations.

Who is Stryker?

Stryker is one of the world’s leading a medical technology companies and, together with our customers, is driven to make healthcare better. Stryker offers innovative products and services in Orthopaedics, Medical and Surgical, and Neurotechnology and Spine that help improve patient and hospital outcomes.

Stryker’s Ireland presence now includes six manufacturing facilities in Belfast, Limerick and Cork, including a state-of-the-art additive manufacturing facility, as well as a global Innovation & Research & Development Centre. Over 3,000 people are employed across the seven sites.

How is Stryker supporting the Community Heart Program?

Stryker supports the Mrs. Brown's Boys FAI Heart Care programme by providing the white labelled community heart program platform to not for profit, sporting, religious and education organisations at no cost to the organisation. Stryker also pays all transaction and merchant fees associated with donations to the community heart program.

What is the Community Heart Program?

The team at Stryker have developed a bespoke community fundraising platform that has been built specifically for the purpose of community fundraising for AEDs. We understand that within our community there are many organisations that give so much to their members. The ability for many of these organisations to fund an AED can be challenging.

Can my organisation apply to participate in its own Community Heart Program?

Stryker is committed to ensuring that everyone in UK and Ireland has access to a life-saving AED. Because of this, Stryker wants to make it easier for all organisations across the UK and Ireland to obtain their very own AED.

This is why Stryker’s Community Heart program was created.

To be eligible for Stryker’s Community Heart Program your organisation will be a:

  • Not for Profit Organisation
  • Sporting Organisation
  • Religious Organisation
  • School

How to Apply:

Applications must be made via email to and must contain the below information about your organisation;

  • Name of Organisation
  • Type of Organisation
  • Main Contact (Name / Email / Phone)
  • Organisation Location/s